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Just A Little Excited!

I haven’t been really great at blogging. What with the kids, the never ending need to pick up black socks that appear all over my house (one spot people, one spot) and trying to establish my creative business, writing about all of this seemed to be a little low on the to do list.

Then, this happened. A totally exciting, inspiring and creatively challenging opportunity came and sat next to me, gave me a pat on the back and said off you go, create something awesome.

I can officially announce that I have been included in the 2017 Eden Unearthed Exhbition at Eden Gardens here in Sydney. There, I said it… I didn’t take a breath, I may have typed with my eyes closed whilst hiding under my desk just in case it really didn’t happy and I’m tell you all a porky pie.

The call came in and my little heart skipped a beat knowing that this was something I wanted more than I realised. The opportunity to display my work in the place I love to visit, my calm place, a place of nature and beauty, change and colour, well needless to say I did a fair few happy dances.

Once I calmed down and the next phase of sheer terror set it when I realised people would see what I did, that I would be called an artists and be involved in the world I love so much, I thought that perhaps this was the journey I needed to share.

So here I am, writing down to you all that I am overwhelmed, excited, nervous, confident, challenged, happy, emotional and completely over the moon that I am embarking on this wonderful creative journey. I popped my heart on the line for this one so it truly does mean quite a lot to me.

I do hope you stay with me on this colourful journey and see the installation unfold.

Me x

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