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It’s been 2-weeks since my last post and goodness, things are progressing! Days are full of colourful yarn-tastic (bad word choice that I promise to use only once) colours and textures and I am loving it!

Tree one background is complete so now I am adding flowers, vines, leaves and maybe the odd butterfly. I have found it really challenging not to keep second guessing myself, to just go with what I know I want to do and not question what I have just done… is that flower right, is it complex enough, will people think it’s too simple, is it the right colour, am I good enough…. it’s so easy to flow down that path and end up convincing yourself that it’s all a bit shit and you should just stop now and hide in a corner.

But, this time I’m not going to do that. This time I am putting myself out there and putting my creative side first. I am believing in myself and that what I want is right. It’s right for me and you know what, that is what matters. This is my journey and a journey I am crazy excited to be sharing but also extremely nervous to be putting my heart of my sleeve and my work into the public eye.

So, on I go…. I am moving on to the branches of tree one. They are full of yellows, oranges, creams and whites representing the beautiful sun beams that warm your face as you sit and reflect on your day and rejuvenate.

Always look up, looking up shows you the stars, it shows you the endless possibilities, the birds that glide, the people in planes making journeys. It shows the clouds that sometimes look like weird and wonderful creatures and sometimes, if you are really lucky, it will show you a colourful rainbow.

Here’s some pictures of my progress. Progress is good… as Dory says ‘just keep swimming, just keep swimming….’

Me x

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